Managing your finances requires relentless persistence & dedication. Here at
The Fiscal Group, we take complete control over your finances so you can grow
your business with the right peace of mind.

Who we are

Our team is a proprietary division of the KJ Filing Center. After more than 40 years of filing taxes, we discovered a gaping void in the world of business owners. Hundreds were struggling with unorganized finances, and many needed a professional approach to put them on the right track.

We decided to expand our focus and form our own team of accounting elites. This way, we could implement the strategies and financial perspectives that we’ve learned and help these individuals along the way.

Today, we offer a full host of services made for every business owner and entrepreneur.

Ranging from tax & business management, financing and advisory, we enable many businesses to get a grip over their finances; and create a solid plan for the future.

Partner with us to discover how we can redefine your business.

Our Team

Each of our accountants play an integral part in the success of our team. Working together, we create an invincible force, sharing the latest tax process and gathering business insights to optimize your business.

Executive Team

Moses Neuman


Menashe Horowitz

Operations Manager

Lipa Neuman

Lead Accountant

The Fiscal Group Team

KJ Filing Team

Shlome Cohen

Mrs. Kohn, Assistant

Volvy Glanz

Mrs. Lowy, Assistant


Payroll/ Sales Tax

Billing Department

Accounts Receivable Department